Price List

Regular Flights

Type of FlightPrice (weekday/weekend)
Regular flight$230/$270
Double Hop$199/$239
Children's Flight$179/$199

Special Half Price Flights

Type of FlightDiscounted Price (weekday/weekend)
Regular flight$115/$135
Double Hop$199/$239
Children's Flight$79/$89

Private Charter Flights

# of PassengersPrice (Weekday/Weekend)

Engagement Flight Special

Private Compartment$149 weekend/$169 weekday
"Marry Me" Giant Banner$149
Custom Printed Add-on Banner$199
Photographer/Crew Member$99

All flights include a full breakfast, snack pastries, soft drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a champagne celebration including a personalized Aeronaut Flight Certificate. Children rates are for 60 pounds or less, adults 225 pounds or less. The special is available until the end of the month.

Charter flights are private flights so that no other passengers will fly in your balloon, except for those in your party. The balloon, pilot and crew are yours’ exclusively for the morning.

Discounted engagement flights allow the couple to occupy their own private space (compartment) in the basket, without paying for a private charter flight. A giant 8’x32’ “Marry Me” banner can be rented, and may include an optional custom printed banner added on to further personalize the event. A photographer is available to fly with the engagement couple to take pictures and videos if desired.

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